Our INTEKCO TECHNOLOGY Co. LTD. company consisted of young, vibrant and highly motivated team of professionals was founded in June of 2017 with multiple goal of providing the best of systems that we implemented (BIM, SCADAR, CCTV, ITS, cabling infrastructure, smarthome, monitoring systems…) for building industry in Vietnam (high and vertical construction) and consulting ICT related systems in the government, and the enterprises. By taking this goal seriously and with a lot of pride as well as being fully committed, we have achieved impressive results for not only our clients but also for our company and our investors.

Through our strong partnership with the building industry’s leading companies in Vietnam, we recognize the difficulties and understand the challenges our clients will face when implementing new technologies and processes. What separates us from other consultants is our dedication to do whatever it takes to achieve the best results for our clients. We work closely with each client to understand the specificity of each project and tailor our services to match all of their requirements. We understand that all of our clients are unique, therefore, we have realized that all of our projects are not the same.

At INTEKCO, we do not limit ourselves to our consulting and implementing, providing ICT devices, we also support ICT services and maintaining, but rather we push ourselves to provide and complete even the smallest mundane tasks for our clients. We, as a ICT Company, have the capabilities to provide IT Solutions from strategies, to management, to execution, and even to technology such as virtual and augmented reality deployment.

We are committed to embrace new technology in order for not only our stakeholders to be more competitive against the competition, but also to bring Vietnam’s ICT industry and building industry as a whole to the same level of advancement with the rest of the developed world. There is no task too big or too small for us here at INTEKCO. If there is anything that requires ICT devices or ICT solution on your project, we are here and are always ready to assist in any way we can.